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It is absolutely right that "property tax reform" goes hand in hand with "education funding reform". But the reality is you really cannot "reform" the property tax. It is what it is -- inherently inequitable, simply because an increase in home value does not equate to an ability to pay higher taxes. There is no way you can "reform" that fundamental feature of the system. You can provide "relief" to mitigate the extreme tax impact (e.g, Circuit Breaker), or you can reduce the use of such an inequitable system in favor of something better, which is ultimately what must be done. And the logical place to start is with school funding, which is in crisis already, and for which the transfer of taxation from a regressive to a progressive system really WOULD be a reform -- for many reasons.
Here's our Welcome Letter to those interested in advocating for PTR (property tax relief) and school funding reform. Thanks in advance for any support you're able to lend. Carole
Welcome New PTR Advocates,
Let's get started. Below is information on property tax reform in New York State for your reference. It's a critical time in the movement. I hope after reading you'll want to become active with us.
At this web site you'll find both a summary and in-depth look at the Circuit Breaker relief and school funding reform legislation we support. You'll also discover our "Tax Calculator". With it you can estimate the property tax relief you'd receive if the CB passes the NYS legislature.
This is a link to a May 18, 2011 article in the Times Herald Record. Coalition Co-founder John Whiteley makes the case for school funding reform consisting of more state aid and less property tax while retaining local control.

The NYState Property Tax Reform Coalition in brief:

Who We Are
The Coalition, run by volunteers, links property taxpayers across the state who seek property tax relief and school funding reform via legislative change.

Our Mission
The end of property taxes - unfair and un-fixable taxation - as a primary source of school funding, along with funding reform for schools and municipalities.

We Advocate
Passage of the Omnibus Tax Relief and Reform Act (Circuit Breaker, State Senate bill # S912 and State Assembly bill # A5542) which proposes immediate tax relief for homeowners and phased-in reform of school and municipal funding.

NYS schools are funded largely by property tax which is based not on ability to pay but primarily on the assessed value of one's home.

The Omnibus Tax Relief and Reform Act
Written by a consortium of tax reform advocates, the Fiscal Policy Institute, education reformers and unions, the Act was first introduced to the governor and leaders of the NYS senate and assembly in March 2009. More at

Both Circuit Breaker Relief bills are in committee in each of the NYS Senate and NYS Assembly. When there's enough support in each house, they'll be brought to the floor for a vote.

In the meantime, however, the NYS legislature cut property tax relief by $2 billion (= increased property taxes by $2 billion) over last 3 years and voted against extending the millionaires' which could have funded the start of property tax relief.

What You Can Do
Most people don't have time to volunteer. That's OK. We've found that our PTR Advocates' faxes, calls, emails and Facebooking lawmakers are especially effective.

Going forward, push and track your individual legislators' and governor's support - or lack of - for genuine relief and reform.

Contact Info
Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Senate Leader Dean Skelos

Speaker Sheldon Silver

Your NYS assembly member:

Your NYS senator:

Your interest is warmly welcomed!

All best,

Carole Kraus


NYState Property Tax Reform Coalition