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FIGHT BACK against Governor Cuomo’s education

and data privacy policies

We’ve been ignored for over 2 years. It’s time to get loud and use the best weapon in our arsenal, our VOTES and the future VOTES of students. If we threaten Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election and presidential hopes, he just might stop and listen.

WHAT: Coordinated statewide action at 12 noon, on January 20, 2014, Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. This is a parent/student-led action, with no involvement from the teachers unions. But teachers and union members are welcome to attend.

WHERE: Pick a convenient, indoor (warm) local spot like the nearest mall.

MESSAGE: The primary message should come from the students who will become eligible voters soon (grades 8–12 with a focus on 11 & 12th graders) something like this…

Unless you listen and change, we will not vote for you. Right now… we, the future voters of NYS,

consider you the


We want to be challenged and inspired, not bubble-tested, lab rat statistics to be sold as profitable data points!

The secondary message should come from parents. Talking points are being developed. Policy demands are being developed as well. Suggestions?


Organize a group of students, parents, PTA members and school board representatives, teachers and administrators to hold a rally at your local mall around the state all on MLK day. Identify student leaders who are eager to speak out.

Send out press releases in advance to get coverage (samples will be provided), get students involved in making posters and signs, have them create internet Memes and send on social media.


Email us and let us know if you are in! We will be coordinating the communication with everyone statewide using some set of web tools to be set up shortly. For now, write to Angela Bernhardt angbernhardt@gmail.com.


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