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Restore Education Funding Event
Real Answers to Real Questions: School Funding and Taxes

Introduction (5 minutes):
- Thanks to audience for coming
­- Brief background on how this issue
- Everyone is invited to take some actions
- Sign the sign-in-sheet in the back and indicate in the space provided how they can offer their skills to our group
- Special welcome to dignitaries/legislators

Speakers (40 minutes):

1. Mandated Testing/Race to the Top/Other Unfunded Mandates

REAL LIFE: Nyack Classroom teacher (2 min)

- How standardized testing affects student experience and learning time

Judith Johnson, Superintendent, Peekskill City School District,

former Asst. U.S. Secretary of Education (10 min)
- Pre-NCLB picture (culture of unfunded mandates)
-Race to the Top: costs vs. benefits
-Mandated testing of students: implications for students & classroom
-Teacher evaluation: 60% C-D20% Std. Test20% Local approach

2. Drastic reduction in state funding

REAL LIFE: Parent or student from North Rockland (2 min)

- How this has affected students

Dr. James Montesano, Superintendent, Nyack School District (10 min)
- State cuts and cost drivers (have hard numbers on salaries)
- Budget deficit estimate
- Budget trends for 5-10 years
- 2% tax cap

3. Taxes
REAL LIFE: Community member (2 min)

- How this has affected students

Fiscal Policy Institute (10 min)
- “Millionaire’s” tax expired ( – 5B + 2B = – 3B)
-Tax cap: what is it? Implications for middle class
-Circuit breaker: what is it? Implications for middle class

Questions for legislators (45 minutes).
E. Jaffe, K. Zebrowski, D. Carlucci. Each gets 2 min./question.
1. We obviously need some property tax relief in this community. At the same time our schools are underfunded and in big trouble. What is your plan to fix this problem?

2. Our schools funds are gutted, our property taxes are untenable, and we just gave a $3B tax cut to the richest New Yorkers. Why is that happening in this administration and what are you doing to change it?

3. Question (re: testing)

4. (get data on RTTT) The state signed us up for something and gave us 1/20th of the money to do it. Every time we ask about RTTT relief, we hear that we’re stuck with it. Do you have a plan for fighting for an escape hatch? Are you talking to your federal representatives about how this is hurting us?


- REF table (sign-in list + 2 petitions)
- Property Tax Relief group
- FPI table/information
- Nyack School District