The document below prepared by Ken Mitchell, Superintendent of South Orangetown provides a framework of the cost implications confronting school districts as a direct result of the APPR mandate. Cost estimates range from $150,000- $250,000 to purchase, administer and score these assessments. One local superintendent has calculated that her district will need to develop over 60 separate SLO/local assessment tests for the 2012-13 school year.

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"APPR/3012 C Implementation Costs – Time and Money
The State Education Department and NYSUT have reached an agreement about the details for a new teacher/principal evaluation system. While most districts have systems already in place for teacher and principal evaluation, the new APPR will link teacher and principal evaluation to a revised curriculum that will be the basis for a new student assessment system. Teachers and principals will be assessed on how well students perform on these new assessments. In addition, all teachers and principals will be observed on multiple occasions with a revised set of teaching standards.
To effect such a systemic change, there will be a need for districts to overhaul curriculum, purchase materials, provide training, and negotiate processes. Teachers and principals will also have to receive training on the new evaluation system. New York State is requiring that the district plan be completed by the opening of the school year. The Governor has posted county-by-county lists to track district compliance.
However, at this point, every district in New York State awaits guidance on implementation details from the State Education Department. Without specific guidance and within a very constrictive timeframe, it will be difficult to make critical and thoughtful decisions during the negotiations and development process in order to avoid long-term and costly issues that may affect the integrity of the evaluation process and trigger challenges to each system’s evaluation plan.
The following describes some of the categories that must be addressed and the tasks or costs that are associated with the mandated changes:

Common Core Alignment

Common Core Tasks for Local Districts
  • Train teachers and principals in the Common Core curriculum
  • Align local curriculum with Common Core in Math and ELA (3-8 and 9-12)
    • Develop units and lessons
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Commentary by Linda Darling-Hammond